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VL-ST45 is an environmentally friendly and highly energy-efficient closed frame ballscrew actuator that replaces pneumatic cylinders with electro-mechanical components, offering a cleaner, quieter and energy-efficient operation. Contamination from lubricants, audible noise and damaging friction are greatly reduced.


The VL-ST45 is designed for increased speeds and efficiency. Component count is reduced, and the performance/cost ratio is excellent for the system which integrates an Animatics SmartMotor™ SM2315D as standard.


  • Linear belt system components
  • Inherent gear reduction
  • Brushless DC Servo Motor
  • Encoder
  • Amplifier
  • Controller with microprocessor
  • I/O, 5 V with 24 V available with accessory cable
  • Network capability
  • Strokes 50-500mm in 50mm steps
  • Leads of 6mm/rev and 12mm/rev



    Motor Animatics SmartMotors Size 23
    Coupling Beam
    Ball Screw Leads 6, 12 mm/rev
    Position Sensors Consult factory
    Stroke Lengths 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450 and 500 mm
    Overall Length Stroke + 222 mm
    Over-Travel Approx. 10 mm
    Unit Mass 1.38 + (stroke, mm)*0.0021 kg
    Unidirectional Repeatability 20 µm
    Bidirectional Repeatability 40 µm
    Accuracy 0.021/300 mm/mm
    Max Velocity Up to 1000 mm/s (stroke dependent)
    Max Acceleration 0.3 G
    Leads 6 or 12 mm/rev
    Payload Mass 8 or 6.5 kg
    Rated Velocity 200 or 400 mm/s


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