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is a motion control distributor offering a wide array of affordable, reliable and top-quality automation products. By selecting Servo Systems Co. for your motion control and automation needs, you can be confident that you will receive outstanding products from leading manufacturers at competitive prices. Our Technical Sales Associates are always prepared to answer your questions and help you make the appropriate selections for your applications. We are pleased to offer the following products and services.

Engineering and application assistance:

  • Over 1,000 different items in stock

  • Off-the-shelf delivery

  • Step motor systems

  • Servo motor systems: brush, brushless and geared

  • PC and stand-alone motion controllers, single and multi-axis configurations

  • Linear and rotary positioning systems

  • Feedback devices: encoders, resolvers, counters, displays and related equipment

  • Electrical enclosures and custom cabling for high-quality installation

  • Machine safety devices




Custom Machine Building
We can design and build machines for specialized tasks.


Step Motor Upgrades
Replace older, slower step motor systems with high speed micro-step drives or brush and brushless servo systems. We can upgrade your controls or in many instances utilize existing controls and software.


Cut-to-length Applications
Systems using encoders are designed to quickly and automatically measure, cut, count and advance products down the line. Even the most fragile materials, such as wire, foam, paper and fabric can be neatly spooled or unspooled without breaking or stretching.


Remote Positioning Systems
Using joysticks and trackballs we can manually control velocity and relative position of vision and camera systems used in aerial photography, motion picture production, and inspection of hazardous areas.


Improved Positioning Capability
Fractional or multi-horsepower, 3 phase AC motors used in positioning applications can be replaced with high torque, precise, servo positioning systems, 1/4 to 35 hp.


PC Controlled X-Y-Z and Rotary Positioning
We can build systems to precisely control the position of items weighing up to 300 kg with travels ranging from a few millimeters to several meters.


Specialized Motors and Positioning Systems
Systems are available for use in severe environments: clean room, explosion proof, washdown, oil-submersed, vacuum and electric automobile applications.

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