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The SM34165MT-IP is a NEMA 34 size SmartMotor™ is an entire servo control system built inside of a servo motor. This motor includes an integrated motor, controller, amplifier, encoder and communications bus. SmartMotors™ are true servo motors, which eliminates issues like error accumulation and missing steps found in traditional stepper motors.


The IP65 rated SM34165MT-IP is protected from all angles against jets of water and dust or dirt particles that may damage other servos. The complete barrier protects against dust and other harmful particles that shorten the life of your motor.


  • Continuous Torque

    12.58 in-lb

    201 oz-in

    1.42 N-m

    Peak Torque

    21.57 in-lb

    345 oz-in

    2.44 N-m

    Nominal Continuous Power

    448 Watt

    0.45 kW

    0.60 HP

    No Load Speed

    5,100 RPM

    Continuous Current @ Nominal Power

    15.5 Amps

    Voltage Constant

    8.9 V/kRPM

    Winding Resistance

    0.06 ohms

    Encoder Resolution

    8,000 Counts/Rev

    Rotor Inertia

    0.0142 oz-in-sec2

    10.031 10-5 Kg-m2


    6.0 lb

    2.72 kg

    Shaft Diameter

    0.50 in

    12.70 mm

    Shaft, Radial Load

    30 lb

    13.61 kg

    Shaft, Axial Thrust Load

    3 lb

    1.36 kg


    DeviceNet; CANopen



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