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The SM34165DT is a NEMA 34 size SmartMotor™ is an entire servo control system built inside of a servo motor. This motor includes an integrated motor, controller, amplifier, encoder and communications bus. SmartMotors™ are true servo motors, which eliminates issues like error accumulation and missing steps found in traditional stepper motors.


  • Continuous Torque

    12.83 in-lb

    205 oz-in

    1.45 N-m

    Peak Torque

    30.00 in-lb

    480 oz-in

    3.39 N-m

    Nominal Continuous Power

    615 Watt

    No Load Speed

    5,100 RPM

    Continuous Current @ Nominal Power

    15.5 Amps

    Voltage Constant

    15.5 V/kRPM

    Winding Resistance

    0.06 ohms

    Encoder Resolution

    8,000 Counts/Rev

    Rotor Inertia

    0.0142 oz-in-sec2

    10.031 10-5 Kg-m2


    5.5 lb

    2.49 kg

    Shaft Diameter

    0.500 in

    12.70 mm

    Shaft, Radial Load

    30 lb

    13.61 kg

    Shaft, Axial Thrust Load

    3 lb

    1.36 kg


    DeviceNet; PROFIBUS; CANopen



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