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The fully-featured and integrated Class 5 S-Style SmartMotor™ with IP65 protection* is available in frame sizes NEMA 23 and 34. The SmartMotor™ products come equipped with industry-standard M connectors, as well as an optional brake. The S-Style SmartMotor™ servos share many of the same components as the Class 5 D-style motors, which don‘t have IP protection. This significantly reduces production costs and sales prices, resulting in an excellent price-performance ratio. The S-Style SmartMotor™ is suited for most applications where IP65 sealing is required. Additionally, the positioning of the rear-mounted M connectors, located at the back of the aerodynamically shaped cap, opens up new assembly options in confined spaces.



    Continuous torque (up to 5500 rpm)

    28 oz-in

     0.19 N-m

    Peak torque at stall 

    44 oz-in 

    .31 N-m

    Nominal continuous power (@ 6000 rpm)

    115 watts

    No Load Speed

    9,800 rpm

    Motor constant

    6.70 oz-in/(watts).5

    Rotor inertia

    0.99 (oz-in-sec2) x10-2 


    1.3 lb

     .59 kg

    Shaft diameter 

    0.25 in 

    6.35 mm

    Shaft, radial load

    15 lb

     6.80 kg

    Shaft, axial thrust load

    3 lb 

    1.36 kg

    Maximum continuous current (@ 7000 rpm)

    3.1 amps 

    Peak power (@ 7000 rpm)

    145 watts

    Torque sensitivity (Kt

    6.02 oz-in/amp

    Voltage constant (Ke

    4.45 volts/krpm

    Terminal resistance (RT)

    0.77 Ohms

    Terminal inductance (LT)

    0.83 mH




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