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The Moog Animatics Low Temperature Range (LTR) SmartMotor™ is available in a standard NEMA 17 frame size, model SM17205M-LTR (the “LTR-17”). This motor has been engineered for robust and reliable operation in extremely frigid environments and at high altitudes.[1] To achieve this, onboard internal heaters ensure that the motors can start up in temperatures below -40 degrees C. Along with this, other design changes allow these motors to withstand random vibrations up to 6 G RMS, 10 - 2000 Hz, and standard IP sealing protects the motors from condensation.[2] The LTR-17 motor allows you to have SmartMotor™ capability in a fully integrated, IP sealed package specifically designed for extremely low temperature and high altitude applications.



    Continuous torque (up to 5500 rpm)

    36 oz-in 

    0.25 N-m

    Peak torque at stall 

    66 oz-in

     .47 N-m

    Nominal continuous power (@ 6000 rpm)

    135 watts

    No Load Speed

    7,200 rpm

    Motor constant

    7.3 oz-in/(watts).5

    Rotor inertia

    21.7 (oz-in-sec2) x10-4


    0.6 lb 

    0.27 kg

    Shaft diameter 

    0.20 in 

    5.08 mm

    Shaft, radial load

    7 lb 

    3.17 kg

    Shaft, axial thrust load

    3 lb 

    1.36 kg

    Maximum continuous current (@ 7000 rpm)

    3.6 amps 

    Peak power (@ 7000 rpm)

    155 watts

    Torque sensitivity (Kt

    8.8 oz-in/amp

    Voltage constant (Ke

    6.51 volts/krpm

    Terminal resistance (RT)

    1.44 Ohms

    Terminal inductance (LT)

    1.4 mH



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