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Model DR274 Features

  • High precision 1.5” incremental encoder
  • Stainless steel 3/8” shaft
  • Quadrature A & B with reference channels
  • Resolution of 500 CPR
  • Line driver output
  • 4.5” of cable with RJ45 phone jack
  • 3 hole servo mount 120° apart
  • Replaces Microcut Controller on Perfecta printing presses

Model DR274 Accu-Coder™

  • Model DR274 Description

    The DR274 is a direct replacement for the encoder used with the Microcut Controller. EPC originally manufactured these encoders, so replacements are fast and easy.

    For many years, Encoder Products Company supplied an encoder to Goldengate Microsystems for their “Microcut” Controller, often used as backstop gauges in the printing and binding industry. Perfecta USA manufactures printing presses that use this Microcut Controller. With the RJ45 connector, replacement of this encoder is usually as simple as just plugging it in.

    Encoders produced for Goldengate Microsystems included both male and female connectors. Because DR274 is offered with either a male or female connector, be sure to select the proper connector to match your application (DR274-01 for male connector, DR274-02 for female connector).

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