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Model A58SE Features

  • Single/multi-turn absolute encoder (16 Bit ST / 43 Bit MT)
  • 58 mm (2.28”) diameter package
  • Available in two industrial Ethernet protocols:
  • EtherCAT® with CoE, FoE, EoE – device profile: CiA DS-406 V4.0.2, Class 3
  • PROFINET® I-O (CC-C) – device profile: switchable V4.1, Class 3, 4
  • Maintenance-free and environmentally-friendly magnetic design
  • Energy-harvesting magnetic multi-turn technology
  • No gears or batteries
  • Low TCO and easy provisioning with internal web server
  • Shaft loads up to 400 N
  • Color LEDs for operating condition, bus status, link activity
  • Compact design with bus cover
  • MP housing option is most the compact EtherCAT® and PROFINET® model available

Model A58SE Ethernet Absolute Encoder

  • Model A58SE Description

    The Model A58SE is an EtherCAT®- or PROFINET®-ready, multi-turn absolute encoder designed for harsh factory and plant environments. It is particularly suited to applications that require Ethernet-based connectivity, and where the encoder must retain position information after power-off events. Easily designed into a wide variety of system applications, the A58SE plugs directly into your network with minimal provisioning for rapid deployment, facilitating data exchange among myriad networked devices. The Model A58SE retains absolute position information even after a power loss, facilitating speedy system recovery at start-up without the need for system re-homing.

    Ready for Industry 4.0 and for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), data exchange between the Model A58SE and other applications has no influence on the control loop. The Model A58SE is non-reactive and can work independently from the PLC or master, transferring data through network gateways to other automation networks and sites, and up to the cloud for analysis.

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