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Model A58HB Features

  • Single turn/multi-turn absolute encoder (16 Bit ST / 43 Bit MT)
  • 58 mm (2.28”) diameter blind hollow bore encoder
  • SSI or CANopen® communication
  • Maintenance-free and environmentally friendly all-magnetic design
  • Energy-harvesting magnetic multi-turn technology
  • No gears or batteries
  • Flex mount eliminates couplings and is ideal for motors and shafts
  • Meets CE/EMC standards for immunity and emissions

Model A58HB Absolute Encoder

  • Model A58HB Description

    The Model A58HB absolute encoder offers a high performance solution for your absolute feedback needs. It provides maintenance-free feedback thanks to its innovative battery-free and gear-free multi-turn technology. Available with CANopen® or SSI communication protocol, this encoder is especially suited for applications where position information must be retained after loss of system power. Its rugged magnetic technology and high IP rating make the Model A58HB an excellent choice, even in tough industrial environments. Available with bores up to 3/8" or 14 mm and two flexible mounting options, the Model A58HB is easily designed into a variety of applications.

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