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Model 960 Features

  • Low profile – 1.55"
  • Thru-bore or blind hollow bore styles
  • Industrial grade, heavy duty housing
  • Opto-ASIC circuitry

Model 960 Absolute Accu-Coder™

  • Model 960 Description

    The single turn Model 960 absolute encoder provides a unique solution to a wide variety of industrial applications that require absolute position information. By providing a low profile package of just 1.55", as well as a variety of blind hollow bore and thru-bore sizes, and an easy to use flexible mounting system, the Model 960 goes where traditional absolute encoders do not fit. In addition, its innovative Opto-ASIC circuitry, coupled with its digital output, make it an excellent choice in applications plagued by an unusually high level of electrical noise. The Model 960 can easily be mounted directly on a motor shaft, providing the advantage of absolute positioning in an all-metal housing while eliminating the fixtures, couplers and adapters required by other absolute encoder designs.

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