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Model 925 Features

  • Standard Size 25 package (2.5")
  • Resolutions up to 12 bit (4096 counts)
  • Incorporates Opto-ASIC technology
  • Industrial grade, heavy duty housing
  • Optional IP67 seal

Model 925 Absolute Accu-Coder™



  • Model 925 Description

    The Model 925 single turn absolute encoder is ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications that require an encoder with the capability of absolute positioning output. Its fully digital output and innovative use of Opto-ASIC technology make the Model 925 an excellent choice for all applications, especially ones with a high presence of noise. Available with either round servo or square flange mounting, and a variety of connector and cabling options, the Model 925 is easily designed into a variety of application requirements. With its wide selection of shaft sizes supported by industrial grade, heavy duty bearings,and its optional IP67 seal, the Model 925 is ideal for tough environments.

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