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Model 775 Features

  • Thru-bore design for easy mounting
  • Bore sizes up to 1.375"
  • Incorporates Opto-ASIC technology
  • Resolutions to 4096 CPR
  • 100° C operating temperature available
  • CE marking available

Model 775 Accu-Coder™

  • Model 775 Description

    The sleek design of the Model 775 Thru-Bore Series Accu-Coder™ makes form and function a successful reality. The slim profile and thru-bore design make installation easy by simply slipping the bore over motor shafts up to 1.375" in diameter. The advanced Opto-ASIC based electronics provide the superior noise immunity necessary in many industrial applications. Available with a variety of bore sizes, resolutions, and connector types.

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