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Model 711 Features

  • The original industry-standard cube encoder
  • Five versatile housing styles
  • Unidirectional output
  • Resolutions available to 10,000 CPR

Model 711 Accu-Coder™

  • Model 711 Description

    The Model 711 Accu-Coder™ is the original, industry-standard cube encoder. Designed for compatibility with most programmable controllers, electronic counters, motion controllers, and motor drives, it is ideally suited for applications that require a simple, symmetrical, uni-directional square wave output in a single channel format. Critical performance specifications for the most popular resolutions and advanced Opto-ASIC circuitry — a single chip design that eliminates many board level components — increases the reliability of an already dependable and durable encoder. With new options continually being added, the Model 711 excels in a wide variety of industrial applications.

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