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Model 121 Features

  • Simple, hassle free mounting
  • Accepts larger shafts up to 0.625" (15 mm)
  • Up to 12-pole commutation available
  • 0° to 100° C operating temperature available
  • Patented design: U.S.A. Patent No. 6,608,300 B2
  • Includes IP50 dust seal kit

Model 121 Accu-Coder™

  • Model 121 Description

    EPC has taken the performance of modular encoders to a new level with the Model 121 Auto-Aligning Modular Encoder. This new and innovative design requires no calibration, gapping or special tools for hassle-free installation. The Model 121 incorporates the latest Opto-ASIC technology for enhanced performance. Common problems with other modular encoder designs are warping and deflection, caused by their extensive use of plastic. Warping and deflection are virtually eliminated by the Model 121’s all-metal construction. For brushless servo motor applications, the Model 121 can be specified with three commutation tracks to provide motor feedback. The optional 100° C temperature capability allows servo motors to operate at higher power outputs and duty cycles.

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