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18 inch travel linear stage with anti-backlash lead-screw assembly, profiled linear rails, and four (two per rail) linear bearings


Motor Mount: Standard NEMA 23



  • Unit Weight 8.4 lb.
    Moving Mass 1.331 lb.
    Travel Length 18.77 in.
    Screw Inertia 2.185E-05 lb.-in.-sec.2
    Axial Moment (Mo) 180.50 in.-lb
    Perpendicular Moments (Mx & My) 97.21 in.-lb.
    Maximum Dynamic Load 20 lb.
    Payload 18.669 lb.
    Drag Torque 3 oz.-in.
    Standard Lead 1.0 in./rev.
    Linear Speed 20 in./sec.
    Leadscrew Efficiency 83%
    Bidirectional Repeatability 0.0005 in.
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