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HLD60 with Internal Rollers Harmonic Actuator is available in a standard commercial grade and a high precision grade. The HLD is comparable to a ball screw actuator in accuracy, but the HLD is available with zero backlash inherent gear reduction built in. Unlike conventional ball screw actuators, the HLD accuracy extends to travel lengths from 100mm to 3.3 meters as a standard product. The cost however, is far lower than commercial grade ball screws for travel in excess of 600 mm.


The HLD is commonly used instead of regular belt slides because it is a low cost system due to the elimination of expensive gear reduction. The HLD reduction is built in. The HLD includes the Animatics SmartMotor™ model SM2315DT as standard. Other Animatics SmartMotors in NEMA frame sizes 17 and 23 are available.


  • Linear belt system components
  • Inherent gear reduction
  • Brushless DC Servo Motor
  • Encoder
  • Amplifier
  • Controller with microprocessor
  • I/O, 5 V with 24 V available with accessory cable
  • Network capability





    Motor Animatics SM2315D, SM2315DT, SM2316D, SM2316DT, SM2337D or SM2337DT
    Coupling Flexible Jaw
    Displacement/rev 2.5, 5, 10, 12.5
    Position Sensors Optional Home & EOT limits
    Stroke 100 - 600 mm in 50 mm steps
    600 - 1000 mm in 100 mm steps
    1000 - 4000 mm in 200 mm steps
    Custom lengths are available
    Overall Length Stroke + 284 mm
    Over-Travel 26 mm
    Unit Mass 2.3 + 0.0031 x (stroke, mm) + (motor mass, kg)
    Unidirectional Repeatability <20 µm
    Bidirectional Repeatability 60-180 µm (belt tension dependent)
    Accuracy 0.5 mm per 300 mm stroke
    Displacement/Rev 2.5, 5, 10, or 12.5 mm/rev
    Linear Speed at 4200 RPM 175, 350, 700, or 875 mm/s
    Payload Mass 45, 42, 18, or 13 kg
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