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The Moog Animatics H-Bot belt systems use a novel combination of belt actuators to accomplish two-axis motion. The motors remain stationary, removing the traditional requirement for expensive cable tracks and associated high-flex cabling. The intelligence in the SmartMotor™ simplifies and makes motion solutions easy, as the SmartMotor can interpret direct Cartesian coordinates and perform the transforms on the fly to create exactly the motion and positioning you require. The H-Bot belt systems are shipped preassembled with the Moog Animatics SmartMotor of your choice.


Key Features

• Low backlash design

• Adjustable belt tension

• Stroke from 250 – 1000 mm in X and Y axes

• Single belt design

• Inverse kinematics on SmartMotor


Key Benefits

• Precise and accurate positioning for low to medium loads

• Small footprint, appropriate for tabletops and laboratories

• Mechanically simple, robust and reliable

• SmartMotor inverse kinematics simplify programming

• Reduced development time and investment






    Motor Animatics SM2315D, SM2315DT, SM2316D, SM2316DT, SM2337D or SM2337DT
    Coupling Flexible Jaw
    Displacement/rev 2.5, 5, 10, 12.5
    Position Sensors Optional Home & EOT limits
    Stroke 100 - 600 mm in 50 mm steps
    600 - 1000 mm in 100 mm steps
    1000 - 4000 mm in 200 mm steps
    Custom lengths are available
    Overall Length Stroke + 284 mm
    Over-Travel 26 mm
    Unit Mass 2.73 + 0.00441 x (stroke, mm) + (motor mass, kg)
    Unidirectional Repeatability <20 µm
    Bidirectional Repeatability 60-180 µm (belt tension dependent)
    Accuracy 0.5 mm per 300 mm stroke
    Displacement/Rev 2.5, 5, 10, or 12.5 mm/rev
    Linear Speed at 4200 RPM 175, 350, 700, or 875 mm/s
    Payload Mass 45, 42, 18, 13 kg
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