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• Smooth, efficient motion

• Durable and highly reliable integrated worm-gear design

- Suitable for uneven terrain and curb-climbing


• High starting torque:

- Peak starting torque up to 144.89Nm

- 15-minute continuous torque up to 39.2Nm


• Configurable or completely customizable designs

- Motor, gearbox, brake, encoder, cabling


Typical applications:

- Medical Mobility Chairs
- Stair Lifts

ElectroCraft MPP36 MobilePower™

  • ElectroCraft's MPP36 MobilePower™ integrates a 4-pole PMDC brush motor with a very robust 2-stage right-angle worm gearbox, designed for bariatric medical mobility applications. ElectroCraft MobilePower™ gearmotors feature an integrated design that provides increased performance and reliability at an affordable price compared to traditional motor/gearbox combinations. As with all ElectroCraft products, MobilePower™ gearmotors are customizableto meet specific application requirements.

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