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Moog Animatics provides three series of gearheads. Each gearhead is shipped with appropriate mounting hardware, fasteners, Allen key and pinion gap gauge.


All units are precision-ground, planetary gearsets capable of sustained servo input speed. They can be ordered by themselves or pre-mounted to the SmartMotor™ before shipment.

Each gearhead has a non-captive input pinion gear. This means the pinion is mounted onto the motor shaft and the gearhead is then mounted onto the motor flange.


Torque throughputs for in-line (straight) gearheads are limited by input pinion diameters. Typically, the 7:1 ratio single-stage and 28:1 ratio two-stage gearheads have the higher torque ratings. 10:1 and 100:1 gearhead input pinions are very small. Therefore, great care should be taken not to exceed maximum torque ratings for those gear ratios. All right angle gearhead torque levels are limited by the right angle beveled gear sets. This is why all gear ratios show the same torque limits within that series.


All gearheads are limited to a maximum of 5000 RPM input pinion speed. This limit is due to differential speed across the input pinion bearings and lubrication flow. Exceeding 5000 RPM for any sustained period will GREATLY decrease the life of the gearhead and will not be covered by warranty. However, for typical servo applications, there is no issue with reaching 5000 RPM on each machine cycle's peak speeds.


Please consult the factory for load specifications. Load ratings are speed dependent and are charted across curves.


  • Gearhead Series Backlash (arc-minutes)
    High Performance (P) 6
    OEM Series (SP) 12
    Right Angle (RAP) 10


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