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The XL100 semi-open frame ballscrew based actuator is available in a standard commercial grade and a precision grade. The standard commercial grade uses a rolled ball screw. The precision grade uses a ground ball screw and is built to the accuracy and performance requirements of the customer. The performance data is for the standard commercial grade system. Includes dual internal rails for improved straightness and loading capabilities


The “U” shape of the XL100 makes it ideal for any axis. It mates well with the HLD and/or L70 in a variety of configurations to form an X-Y or X-Y-Z unit. It is also used on gantry type applications with the HLD or XL700 units. This a a good choice for travel under 600 mm. The system is complete, easy to apply, and has an unmatched price/performance ratio.

  • Available strokes 50-600mm in 50mm steps
  • Leads of 5mm/rev and 10mm/rev
  • Linear ball screw system components
  • Brushless DC Servo Motor
  • Encoder
  • Amplifier
  • Controller with microprocessor
  • I/O, 5 V with 24 V available with accessory cable
  • Network capability
  • Firmware
  • Integrated brake option



    Motor Animatics SmartMotors Size 17 & 23
    Coupling Beam
    Ball Screw Leads 5, 10 mm/rev
    Position Sensors Adjustable (3 max)
    NPN N/O or N/C
    Stroke Lengths Standard in 50 mm increments to 600
    Custom in 1 mm increments to 600
    Overall Length Stroke + 182.5 mm + Motor
    Over-Travel 24.5 mm
    Unit Mass 1.29 + 0.00414 x (stroke, mm) + (motor mass, kg)
    Unidirectional Repeatability 3 µm
    Bidirectional Repeatability 16 µm
    Ball Screw Lead Accuracy 0.1/300 mm/mm
    Payload Mass 25 or 20 kg (5 or 10 mm/rev lead)


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