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ElectroCraft's integrated motor/drive stepper linear actuators are a leap forward in actuator technology. This is linear motion in its most compact form, enabling users to reduce installation costs and machine footprint by installing simpler control and cabling architectures.
The PRO Series integrated linear actuator makes the PS56 highly configurable, incorporating the full range of sequence control, I/O and communications options. The PS56 is available with a range of 3/8 inch standard threads, providing resolutions of up to .00025 in (.00635 mm) in full step open-loop mode with a 200 PPR stepper motor with even higher resolutions available in micro-stepping and closed-loop position control mode. Other thread options are available on request. Versions with ballscrews and special material parts are available for custom application-specific designs.

ElectroCraft PS56 Integrated Motor Drive Controller

  • Size 56mm or Nema 23, 1.8°
    Holding Torque to 106 Ncm (130 oz-in)
    Speed to 50 RPS (3000 RPM)
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