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The fully-featured and integrated Class 5 S-Style SmartMotorTM with IP65 protection* is available in frame sizes NEMA 23 and 34. The SmartMotorTM products come equipped with industry-standard M connectors, as well as an optional brake.
The S-Style SmartMotorTM servos share many of the same components as the Class 5 D-style motors, which don‘t have IP protection. This significantly reduces production costs and sales prices, resulting in an excellent price-performance ratio. The S-Style SmartMotorTM is suited for most applications where IP65 sealing is required. Additionally, the positioning of the rear-mounted M connectors, located at the back of the aerodynamically shaped cap, opens up new assembly options in confined spaces.
• IP65* protection
• Fully integrated brushless DC motor
• Robust and industry standard metric connectors
• Extended installation options available
• Sizes NEMA 23 and 34 available
• CombitronicTM technology is available on some models
• DE is standard, allows separate power supplies for motor and controller
The Class 5 S-Style SmartMotorTM includes all the benefits of our fully-integrated Class 5 design along with IP65 protection. It will efficiently solve your dust/wet-environment, motion-control applications and quickly get your products to market, providing high value for both you and your customers.

*The motor shaft is not sealed and must be mated to a sealed surface or mounted in
a shaft-down orientation.


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