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ACE™ (ADVANCED Motion Controls Configuration Environment) is free commissioning and configuration software for FlexPro® servo drives. All drive limits, control loops (current, velocity, and position), and event handling are configured in ACE™.


  • Indexing

    • Create up to 16 unique Index Tasks by defining position
    • velocity
    • and acceleration/deceleration values. Indexes can be either Relative or Absolute motion profiles. Once created
    • Indexes can be activated using the Motion Panel
    • digital inputs
    • or by using an external network command.



    • Indexes can be combined with Homing routines and other control functions to form up to 16 different Sequences. Sequences can be configured to initiate on power-up
    • via a digital input
    • or over the network.

    Motion Panel

    • The Motion Panel tool is used to execute pre-defined Indexes
    • Dynamic Indexes
    • Jogs
    • and PVT motion profiles. The Motion Panel also displays current motion profile data and Motion Engine status.
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